Celebrities Embrace iOS app MEmoji - GIF Selfies with Emoji Accessories

App Made by LA DJs Proves Popular on Twitter, Instagram with Web's Heavy Hitters

LOS ANGELES, CA -- Nov. 9, 2014 -- Power 106's DJ Felli Fel and EDM group Doc Hollywood (comprised of Louie Rubio and Lex Larson) are the creators of a new iOS app called MEmoji - GIF Selfies with Emoji Accessories, and celebrities (especially those of the hip hop world) are responding positively to it. The app, which allows users to capture and accessorize animated GIFs of themselves for use in text messaging or posts on Twitter and Instagram, has so far been used by the likes of hip hop artists Riff Raff and Far East Movement, as well as entertainment personality Liane V on their respective Instagram and Twitter profiles. MEmoji has also seen significant PR boosts from Larson's father-in-law, entertainer Howie Mandel, who has praised the app in interviews with Howard Stern on The Howard Stern Show (10/24) and Ellen DeGeneres on The Ellen DeGeneres Show (11/5).

With MEmoji, users can create stills or short animated images (GIFs) of themselves and adorn them with emoji-like accessories such as tears, cat whiskers, middle fingers and more. And although MEmoji is not exclusively for use by fans of hip hop, its creators made a bold choice by making their first (and so far only) in-app purchase a hip hop-themed accessory pack. That pack features iconic hip hop imagery such as do-rags, microphones, and hands making the "Westside" gesture.

Doc Hollywood -- known for their smash hit "We Run LA (with Ya Boy)" -- and DJ Felli Fel, the voice of Los Angeles' biggest hip hop radio station Power 106, say that they noticed a dearth of urban-themed emoji in the traditional Unicode set of characters. The three friends partnered with app developers Cameron Ehrlich and Jacob DeMonte-Finn of Lucky Bunny LLC to bring MEmoji to life, and in its first 5 days on the iTunes App Store, MEmoji garnered 140 reviews with an average rating of 5 stars -- no small feat for first-time developers targeting a niche market.

MEmoji got a significant PR boost from entertainer Howie Mandel on Friday, 10/24, when he praised the app in an interview with Howard Stern on The Howard Stern Show. Immediately following Mandel's comments, fans of Stern began tweeting at Mandel and Stern for more information about the app.

MEmoji - GIF Selfies with Emoji Accessories is now available for free worldwide in Apple's App Store for any iOS device with a front-facing camera.

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